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Seat Gap Organizer - Pair of 2 (Left and Right)


Is Your Car Always Cluttered? You're Not Alone! We Got You Covered!!

Having loose items rolling around your car while driving is unsafe and very messy, we're here to help with GapMore!

Now you can make use of that gap where your phone and all your spare change fall into and disappear forever, while also keeping all your car accessories and needs in one place! With it's elegant and versatile design it's a great fit for every car owner!


Comes in 4 different colors and in pairs of left and right.


  • Stylish Design: All color variants are made to enhance the look of your car interior without making it seem washed out! The leather stitching design makes it fit into the rest of your interior.
  • Cup Holders: Each side includes a cup holder that gives you two extra cup holders, which will make room for any extra drinks you may have with you or ones that don't fit in your factory cup holders!
  • Charger Wire Hole: Never have to worry about getting your charging cable tangled up again! Run your charging wire through the hole and you'll have a nice and clean looking setup.
  • Phone Holder Slot: Don't get distracted by your phone and avoid it rolling around when you're driving by putting it in the designated phone holder spot!
  • Card Holder: Store all your shopping and gas rewards cards in the cardholder for quick and easy access when you need them.