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LuxCalm™ - Luxury Anti-Anxiety Pet Bed

Light Grey


Recommended Sizes  Estimate only
XS 40cm Up to 5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg
S 50cm Up to 11 lbs / 5 kg
M 60cm Up to 20 lbs / 9 kg
L 70cm Up to 26.5 lbs / 12 kg
XL 80cm Up to 33 lbs / 15 kg


Be The Smart Pet Parent And Get The Ultra Luxury & Comfortable Bed That Keeps Your Pet Calm & Rested 

Veterinarian Recommended To Help With Anxiety

  • Supports Better Sleep
  • Proven To Ease Anxiety & Stress
  • Crafted With Pet-Safe Vegan Material
  • Water & Dirt Resistant
  • Portable & Light Weight

Veterinarian Recommended
For improving relaxation, offering extra limb support & aiding with better sleep.

Pet-Parent Approved
Trusted by Pet Parents to help their pets enjoy more comfort & ease anxiety.

 1 In 3 Pets Have Anxiety & Sleep Issues, With The Calming Bed Your Pet Won’t Be One Of Them!
Every single day thousands of dogs are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. This often results from a condition left untreated. Our Luxury & Comfortable Dog Bed is designed to help relieve any anxiety, restlessness and stress your dog might be experiencing.

Help Your Dog Live Stress-Free
Sometimes our dogs can’t help but feel a little anxious when we’re not around.

  • Calms your dog down faster from feeling anxious, scared or stressed out

  • Relaxes your dog more easily when they’re tense situations or hyperactive

  • Helps dogs sleep more soundly even when they’re feeling restless

    Drug Free Remedy To Ease Your Pets Stress Caused By

    • Seperation
    • Fireworks
    • Travel
    • Vet Visits
    • Loneliness
    • Reactivity

    The Perfect Bed To Ease Your Dogs' Anxiety
    Benefits of Luxury Anti-Anxiety Pet Bed


    • Reduces Anxiety & Promotes Relaxation

      Raised rims that "protect" your dog which has a positive effect on your dog's nervous system calming their sensory behaviours and providing comfort when they need it.

    • Reduces Vulnerability

      Luxurious faux fur that mimics that of their mother's mentally triggers safety and reduces the sense of vulnerability. Reducing stress on their heart and mind, calming and relaxing them.

    • Eases Pain & Corrects Posture

      Raised rims that support your dog's neck and spine for the duration of their sleep bundled with premium soft foam to reduce muscle and joint pain.

    • Promotes Better Sleep Cycles

      Feeling safe, comfortable and secure naturally helps your dog get a good night’s rest while promoting lower stress levels, strong immune function, healthy blood pressure, better moods, and more.

    The Perfect Bed To Ease Your Dog’s Anxiety
    Features of Luxury & Comfortable Bed

    Designed to deliver the quintessential dog bed experience providing maximum comfort, scientifically-proven health benefits, and a place to call their own. Your fur buddy will be thanking you for this one.

    • 100% Machine Washable

      Super easy to keep this bed clean. Just toss it in the washing machine anytime!

    • Dirt & Water Resistant

      Don’t worry if your dog goes outside and gets a little wet or dirt.

    • Lightweight & Portable

      Your dog won’t want to travel without this bed. Take it anywhere you go!

    • Pet-Safe Material

      Made of 100% hypoallergenic faux fur that your dog can snuggle into for days.

    • Stylish Look

      Attractively designed to compliment the decor of your home and furnishings.

    • Warming Effect

      Your dog will enjoy a warm embrace and feel like they’re curling up next to you.

    30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    From one dog owner to another, we know what it’s like to just want the best for our fur buddy. Your order is backed by a full 30-days money back guarantee to ensure your dog is absolutely thrilled with the Luxury & Comfortable Bed.



    Recommended Sizes  Estimate only
    XS 40cm Up to 5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg
    S 50cm Up to 11 lbs / 5 kg
    M 60cm Up to 20 lbs / 9 kg
    L 70cm Up to 26.5 lbs / 12 kg
    XL 80cm Up to 33 lbs / 15 kg
    • We also recommend you measure your dog when it curls up, you should then be able to get an indication as to which size is perfect for your dog.
    • Please, when making a decision take into consideration your dog's weight and size. Please order a size up for more room if this is what your dog prefers. Please allow 2 - 3cm error.

    Not available in retail stores. Sold only online.